There's No "I" in Groceries
Season 1, Episode 12b

This is the first episode of the season.

Air date June 12, 2011 (Canada)
August 9, 2011 (United States)
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Coaster of Fear!


Scaredy Squirrel and Richard Skunk go to nother Grocery Store to buy Popcorn were he meats kind people. but they turn out to be diging a tunnel to Lester's Mother's Grocery Store and run it to the GROUND!!!!


Scaredy: [Doesn't know what to say] It's a Awsome machinen..That runs on Awsome juice!

Lester Doppel Ganger: I also haven't Waxed my Mustach!


  • The titel is a refrence to "There is no "I" in Team".
  • The people working at the other store are there Doppel Gangers
  • Scaredy is the only one not to get a Doppel Ganger.
  • There is a moral to the episode: Team Work is great.


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