Scaredy Squirrel Promo

Scaredy Squirrel is a 2-D animated cartoon series, based loosely on the book series of the same name. To celebrate April Fool’s Day on Friday, April 1, 2011, YTV aired a special sneak peek episode of Scaredy Squirrel, in Canada. Then on Sunday, April 3, 2011, YTV officially premiered Scaredy Squirrel at 9:30am ET. The series was formerly announced to premiere on POP in the United States but The Hub picked up American rights and it premiered on August 9, 2011 at 7:00pm.


  • Scaredy - A squirrel who is smart but obsessively-minded. He works at a grocery store called Stash 'n Hoard
  • Dave - A blue skunk who is Scaredy's best friend, but he is very unclean.
  • Nester - Nester is a yellow bird who is the manager of Stash 'n Hoard. He is also Scaredy's boss and one of his enemies.
  • Momma - A gray colored bird who owns the Stash N' Hoard, and is Nester's mother. Momma makes surprise appearances at any time. She appears to be very grouchy.
  • Paddy - A ferret who is the total opposite of Scaredy, and one of his enemies.
  • Richard - Richard is a loyal friend to Scaredy, although he doesn't talk or move because he is a plant.
  • Sally - A turquoise fish who is deeply in love with Scaredy. Sally has lots of confidence and she thinks Scaredy and her could be a good couple.


  • Terry McGurrin - Scaredy
  • Jonathan Gould - Dave
  • Patrick McKenna - Nestor
  • Jayne Eastwood - Momma
  • David Berni - Paddy
  • Linda Kash - Sally
  • Jamie Watson - Additional Voices
  • Dwayne Hill - Additional Voices
  • Paul Soles - Additional Voices
  • Lisa Ng - Additional Voices
  • Julie Lemieux - Additional Voices


  • Doug Murphy - Executive Producer
  • Jillian Ruby - Producer
  • Jocelyn Hamilton - Supervising Producer
  • Tracey Dodokin - Supervising Producer
  • Terry McGurrin - Story Editor
  • Blair Kitchen - Storyboard Writer
  • Kerry Sargent - Storyboard Writer
  • Nelvana - Production Company


The series was confirmed in May 2008 and production went under in Summer 2008.


  • Every episode of Scaredy Squrriel has Safety Corner before the ending credits.
  • It was both on The Hub and POP.
  • According in the intro, the characters are based by Mélanie Watt.


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